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Garden Route AreaThe Garden Route & Klein Karoo – South Africa’s Funnest Biking Playground

Situated about four hours’ ride east of Cape Town and two hours’ west of Port Elizabeth, the Garden Route and Klein Karoo – which together form the Southern Cape Region – are definitely South Africa’s funnest biking playground. Definitely. Positively. And without a doubt. Because, within less than an hour’s ride from George – the region’s capital and its only city – you’ll find everything from dry and semi-arid dirt tracks to damp and muddy forest paths.
And the best thing about the Southern Cape (besides the beautiful, dramatic scenery?) – the quiet roads.
Because the Garden Route and Klein Karoo are mostly rural – with thousands of hectares of pristine conservation land and miles and miles of farmland.
Situated in George and with agents in Oudtshoorn, Mossel Bay and Knysna, Schroeder Biking is the home of Biking in the Garden Route and Klein Karoo – for everything from day hire to pre-arranged package tours and personalised itineraries.



The weather in the Garden Route is generally mild and pleasant throughout the year. Rain falls mostly at night. Summertime is generally warm to hot (wear light clothing and a hat during the day; a light sweater may be required at night).


During wintertime, expect warm days and cool nights (wear layers of clothing which are easily removed during the day; a warm coat may be useful at night). Frost is unusual and light snow falls only on the mountain peaks – and only very rarely.


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